Creating The Good Moral Character Letter for Immigration Purpose

Whenever someone needs to apply for a visa or new passport, they shall come to do all the administration in the immigration office. One of the requirements is usually to give a good moral character letter, which is a letter to inform the immigration that the person has a good recommendation. Whether from the family, employment, or even can be recommended from their friends.

Of course, some people will feel confusing whenever they perform the letter for the first time. Therefore, to help with this issue, the following are the steps to create a good moral character letter with a simple sample of it.

➡️ Steps to Create the Letter

sample academic reference for a student



There are several basic steps to perform whenever someone plans to create a letter. The steps commonly consist of the following lists:

  • Ask the friend that will help to recommend the letter.
  • Create the letter accordingly and make sure that all the content inside the letter is true without any try to provide false information. It is important since the immigration will perform checking on the truthiness of the letter.
  • Ask your friend or colleague to sign the letter and put their contact number for ease of verification if needed.

▶️ The benefit of The Letter

Formal Character Letter of Recommendation



Through generating the letter, it can be a good example and recommendation for the immigration officer before issuing any administration documents. Such as the new passport or visa application. If you have no criminal or bad issues, the government can easily generate a formal recommendation letter for this immigration purpose.

⏩ Sample of The Good Moral Character Letter

The following is one simple sample of a good moral character letter template that can be used easily. It can be generating through Microsoft Word and simply copy and paste.

good moral character letter



Those all some preliminary information and a good example of a good moral character letter. Therefore, anyone who needs this letter and recommendation can easily generate it or try to follow the sample. So that all the documents needed from the immigration can be issued easily and use for various purposes as necessary.

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