Making A Suitable Reschedule Appointment Email for Schedule Exam

It is quite common that someone to suddenly fail to meet any exam appointment due to various reasons. This is a usual issue, however, it means that the party that fails to attend the exam shall confirm to the party who conducts the exam and write a reschedule appointment email immediately. Some people might not familiar with the email template and feel difficult to sketch the appointment confirmation. Therefore, to help with this matter, the following is an example to arrange a new scheduled exam through a reschedule appointment email.

Purpose of The Email

First, you shall understand the purpose of the email. Usually, when you fail to meet an exam appointment, you shall ask for apologizing and if possible ask for an exam request that is conducted at a new time. Therefore, put in mind that it is important to write a polite email together with a clear explanation of why you fail to meet the exam appointment last time and what is the new time you proposed for the future. If you still feel confusing, you may follow the following steps.

Steps to Create the Reschedule Appointment Email

If you ready to write this email, then read the following instruction. Through this step, you can easily sketch or generate the reschedule appointment email easily.

  • Put a date to make sure that you write the email on a suitable day after the first confirmation.
  • Write the institution and the contact person that will help you reschedule the appointment.
  • Ask for apologizing and inform the reason for the reschedule. Make sure to give a clear and important reason.
  • Propose a new schedule clearly, including the day, the date, and the time. Therefore, the institution can note the future date.
  • Ask for confirmation and put your sign accordingly at the end of the email.

Sample of The Reschedule Appointment Email

After reading the above instruction, if you still not sure about your sketch, you can try to follow the below example. This is one simple example that can be used anytime and easily generate including for a student.

reschedule appointment email



Those are the explanation, steps, and sample of the reschedule appointment email. By following the above information, it is now easy to generate the email. Therefore, you can postpone your exam schedule and will able to attend for a second chance.

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