A Formal Way to Rescheduling Appointment Through an Email

It is a common thing in the company that someone fails to meet an appointment with their colleague. This can be due to another meeting, sickness, and many other reasons. Whatever the reasons, remember that the most important thing is to inform the cancelation and write a rescheduling appointment letter to replace with the new date. For further information on the sample letter and the steps to create this rescheduling appointment letter through an email, check the following paragraphs carefully.

Important Content of the Rescheduling

Whenever you want to reschedule any formal appointment, make sure that you always start with a request letter to reschedule the appointment into another flexible time. So that whether you or your colleague will able to meet in the future according to the agreed time. Remember that when you want to write a letter for this reschedule plan, you need to consider various things for the content, such as the following points.

  • Use a proper way, you can inform your colleague via direct call or by an email. It is preferable to use an email since you can note the proposed new schedule and save them on your calendar. So that you wouldn’t be able to miss it and able to attend the meeting as noted.
  • Put the reason why you want to reschedule the appointment. Whether due to any other important meeting, sickness, or anything that makes you feel can’t meet your previous appointment.
  • Ask for apologizing so that your colleague will not feel disappointed with the information.
  • Last, propose a new timing that is agreed by both parties, you and your colleague. Make sure this time you will able to meet your promised schedule.

Sample Rescheduling Appointment Letter

The following is a sample letter for rescheduling an appointment through an email in a formal way. You can try to follow this sample in case that you have no further idea to reschedule your appointment with your colleague.

rescheduling appointment letter



Those all the information about creating the rescheduling appointment letter via a formal email. With the above sample, you now can manage to inform your colleague formally whenever you need to cancel a meeting and plan to reschedule your appointment with them. Make sure to adjust accordingly and use appropriate words to say it. So that your colleague will not feel disappointed and can accept the rescheduling time.

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